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Channel 17.1-Justice Network

With John Walsh as on-air host/ spokesperson, Justice Network features gripping stories of true crime and mystery while also aiming to make communities safer by empowering viewers to take action. Justice Network dedicates 90 seconds to public service every hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to capture most wanted fugitives, help locate missing children, and provide viewers with invaluable safety tips. This initiative has led to the safe return of nine missing children and the capture of 15 most wanted fugitives as featured on-air. The network works in partnerships with The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (of which Walsh was a founder), Crime Stoppers USA, and other law enforcement agencies. 

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LAFF 17.2 Logo
Channel 17.2-LAFF TV

LAFF is the country's first-ever, over-the-air broadcast television network devoted to comedy around-the-clock.

LAFF features some of the most popular sitcoms in contemporary television, including The Drew Carey Show, Night Court, Empty Nest, Grace Under Fire and Ellen DeGeneres’ first sitcom Ellen.

LAFF will also showcase such great theatrical motion pictures and stars as: Jerry Maguire starring Tom Cruise; Tom Hanks in Splash, Sleepless in Seattle, Punchline and Nothing in Common, Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder teaming for Stir Crazy; Eddie Murphy as The Distinguished Gentleman; Robin Williams in The Fisher King, Moscow on the Hudson and Old Dogs with John Travolta and many , many more.

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Escape 17.3 Logo
 Channel 17.3-ESCAPE TV

ESCAPE is an exciting new 24/7 broadcast network targeting women with a programming anchored in stories of crime and mystery. Everyday, our viewers will slip away into a world of peril, seduction and lies with off-network series and theatrical motion pictures. 

Escape’s movie line-up will include such titles as Body Heat, Presumed Innocent, Disclosure, Misery, Dead Calm, Malice, Dolores Claiborne, Star 80, The Interpreter, The Bone Collector, Fatal Attraction, Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway, The Return, Play Misty for Me, A Kiss Before Dying, Waking The Dead, The Black Dahlia and many more.

Escape will also feature some of the greatest true crime series in television history, including Snapped, Unsolved Mysteries, Forensic Files and more.

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Jewelry 17.4 Logo
Channel 17.4-Jewelry Television

JTV is the only interactive multichannel shopping network that focuses exclusively on the sale of jewelry and gemstones. JTV is the world's largest retailer of colored gemstones and is also home to expert hosts and on-air guests who take pride in educating and entertaining viewers.

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Movies! 17.5 Logo
Channel 17.5-Movies!

MOVIES! Network is a classic 24/7 movie-focused brand that features a wide variety of timeless films from multiple studios. MOVIES! Network offers viewers a modern way to experience movies on broadcast television and creates an exceptional viewer experience by presenting unedited films in brilliant widescreen.

MOVIES! Network is programmed around iconic films and specific genres on weekends. Notable titles in the MOVIES! library include ‘The African Queen,’ ‘From Here to Eternity,’ ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s,’ ‘Bridge Over the River Kwai’, and ‘The French Connection.’ 

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Heroes and Icons 17.6 Logo
Channel 17.6-Heroes & Icons, H&I

H&I, Heroes & Icons is a new entertainment focused television network where heroic characters come alive in iconic television series. H&I features programming blocks of similar genres or shows, such as crime dramas or westerns; drawing from classic as well as more contemporary TV programming and series.

Series on the network include “NYPD Blue”, “Hill Street Blues”, “Wiseguy”, “Hunter”, “The Commish” as well as “The Pretender”, “Mannix”, “Renegade”, “The Mod Squad” and “21 Jump Street” and more.

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